Children's Books

As a visual storyteller, one of my passions has always been to leverage the power of the graphic image to cross language barriers and make a positive contribution to society.

The first tangible outcome of this passion, became a reality in 2013, when my first self-published children's book was released.

Written in English and Spanish, it tells the story of Latino boy who gets cancer, and how he and his family find strength and hope when confronted with the news about the disease.

While working on the research, writing and illustration for the book it became clear that the book should achieve the following goals:

  1. Use the simplest possible language to explain what cancer is.

  2. Help the family understand how the disease is nobody's fault.

  3. Validate the wide set of feelings the family may go through: From fear, to anger, to denial, to hope

  4. Explain the roles of the medical team, by using a "soccer team" analogy that kid and his family could easily understand.

  5. Infuse hope by getting the family acquainted with a childhood cancer survivor.

The topic of childhood is vast. This first book in the series addresses the disclosure of news to the family. Following books in the series will address the side effects of treatment, how the siblings are affected, the return to school, and more.

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